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吳香生   Ng Heung Sang, Anita  
  吳香生於1989年獲取前理工學院高級陶藝證書課程,同年參加日本常滑工作坊,曾參加多個陶藝展,1989年及2005年作品入選香港藝術館舉辦的茶具創作比賽。   Anita, obtained her Higher Certificate in Studio Ceramics from the former Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1989. She attended the ceramics workshop at Tokoname, Japan in the same year. Since then, she has participated in various exhibitions. In 1989 and 2005, her tea wares were selected for the exhibitions organized by Hong Kong Museum of Art.

Artist Statement


沒有藝術的滋潤 , 生命會變得枯竭 , 我的創作靈感來自對生活的體驗及想像

  If we didn't have the nurturing influence of the arts, our lives would become dry and barren. My inspiration for creating artworks comes from my experiences of daily life and from my imagination.


  Idea of creation


  If we don't have the past, then we don't have the present. Through the different forms of vessels, the “Made in Hong Kong” clay work series blends together new and old images of Hong Kong . It is only by remembering the past that we know how to treasure the things we have today.


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